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Membership of the Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association provides opportunities to connect and network with other nurses and health care professionals with an interest in the nursing management of patients with neurological and neurosurgical conditions. These opportunities are provided in both location based services and specialty chapters such as Movement Disorders chapter and include education seminars, conferences and membership of the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses. Additionally, opportunities to develop organisational skills and leadership through involvement in management of the organisation and support to present papers at the National Conference and assistance to publish in the Australasian Journal of Neuroscience.

Membership cost is set by the members and is currently AUD$135 for new membership, or AUD$125 per year for renewing members. Our membership year runs from July to June (Financial Year), with renewals issued in May for the following Membership year. 

New members joining close to the end of the membership year will have their renewal date "bumped" through to the following year. 

By completing the Online Member Application below, and paying your membership fee at the end of the process, you will become a member of ANNA immediately and a welcome pack will be sent out to you shortly thereafter.

​IMPORTANT: Please use your HOME Address/Phone/Email in the fields below. Your work details will be collected in a later step.

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